Systems grow ever more complex as technology advances: it is no longer enough to focus on a component and get it engineered. It will always be in the context of a dynamic environment, and understanding this environment and its data is a key step in system architecting.

We Provide a proven set of methodologies that helps you to make the right decisions when developing devices, applications or entire interconnected systems, while the specific regulatory requirements of your industry remain center stage in all our consulting services.


Ever Wondered where the technical knowledge about all the components in your system is distributed, if it still exists at all? Are you tired of the persistent ties to your outsourcing partners who must be consulted for every single bit that needs to be changed?

No Strings Attached is our motto when providing development services. High document standards and the corresponding mindset ensure that all critical knowledge and all threads for a successful internal product life cycle management remain in your very own hands.


Outsourcing Entire Projects is not the only option when the demands of your project exceed the capacity of your inhouse development team. We can probe our rich network of resource providers for finding the exact skillset you require, from one single resource to an entire group, for any specified amount of time, be it for inhouse work or as a virtual team.

We Provide both the infrastructure and the skillset that allows you to scale up and scale down fast, while all the additional complexity of handling larger resources is managed by us.