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Systems grow ever more complex as technology advances: it is no longer enough to focus on a component and get it engineered. It will always be in the context of a dynamic environment, and understanding this environment and its data is a key step in system architecting.

We Provide a proven set of methodologies that helps you to make the right decisions when developing devices, applications or entire interconnected systems, while the specific regulatory requirements of your industry remain center stage in all our consulting services.


Ever wondered where the technical knowledge about all the components in your system is distributed, if it still exists at all? Are you tired of the persistent ties to your outsourcing partners who must be consulted for every single bit that needs to be changed?

No Strings Attached is our motto when providing development services. High document standards and the corresponding mindset ensure that all critical knowledge and all threads for a successful internal product life cycle management remain in your very own hands.


Outsourcing entire projects is not the only option when the demands of your project exceed the capacity of your inhouse development team. We can probe our rich network of resource providers for finding the exact skillset you require.

We Provide both the infrastructure and the skillset that allows you to scale up and scale down fast, while all the additional complexity of handling larger resources is managed by us.


Innovation keeps your business at the cutting edge of developments. If your company has no seasoned internal innovation process established yet, your R&D department tends to become saturated with handling current technology and daily issues.

We Provide the outside view and bring in new angles to look at your products and markets, and help you to extend your horizon to those 360° that are the true basis for getting your strategic product development decicions right.

"Assistive Technology’s Managed Near-Shoring Service has helped us to scale up our development team fast and at the same time in a very skill-specific manner, and to gain access to a large professional Resource Pool"

Christoph Staub, Laetus

Why Us?

Because we REALLY put the customer first

Because we have a track record of making it happen, even in difficult contexts

Because we know it's not all about hardware and software: we think systems

Because we have all the adjunctive aspects ready that make a solution successful

  • We can provide not only the specific skillset, but also the soft skills that make a change

  • We know what complexity is - and how to tackle it with proven methodologies

  • We not only know how to pot the right SOPs into action, but also how these can translate to tangible added value for the customer

  • You need a fast track to a feasible product - we know the fast lanes that are also sustainable


Making IT Happen

Dr. Mark Talary

Chief Executive Officer
Mark is originally from London UK and has a B.Eng/M.Eng in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Biophysics. He has managed interdisciplinary system development and research teams over the past 15 years in the UK, Silicon Valley and Switzerland.

Balakumar Kaushik

Chief Technology Officer
MSc in Automation and Robotics (TU Dortmund), Certified Scrum Master, ISO13485 internal auditor. He is an experienced manager of multi-disciplinary projects and distributed teams. Untangling knots in software development, smoothing product delivery and instilling best practices are his strong suit


Chief Innovation Officer
Philipp Keller is originally from Switzerland. He is a computational scientist HF and founder of Assistive Technology GmbH. In the past 10 years he has managed projects of different scales and headed engineering teams of various sizes in many industries.

Anja Herrmann

SAP Consultant & Project Management
Anja Herrmann studied in Heidelberg and worked as an internationally assigned Senior CRM Consultant at SAP for over a decade. Apart from consulting for business software, she is also ready for our customers to answer any questions with respect to project management or resource management.

Neetha Ramanan

Project Manager & Software Architect
MSc in Micro & Nano Technology, BE in Electronics & Communication, Certified Scrum Master. She has over 12 years’ experience across software development life cycle in various industries. Requirements engineering and project management with distributed software teams is her forte

Zoran Hajnal

Business Development
Hajnal Zoran, B.Sc. at Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad and MBA at the Cotrugli Business School. Zoran`s responsibilities are business development and project management.

Marko Pavlovic

Project Management
Marko Pavlovic has a Msc degree in Water Resources Management. His fields of work refer to project management and monitoring solutions for our most precious resource – water, and implementation of the Geographic Information Systems in Water Resources Engineering.

Susanne Liechti

Accounting and Administration
Susanne Liechti tends to all accounting and administrative matters regarding our customers and partners.

Our Extended Team

There is a big team of dedicated professionals behind us that make a real change in the quality of our services.

We Provide Oxygen For Your Development Sprint