Innovation keeps your business at the cutting edge of developments. If your company has no seasoned internal innovation process established yet, your R&D department tends to become saturated with handling current technology and daily issues. We provide the outside view and bring in new angles to look at your products and markets, and help you to extend your horizon to those 360° that are the true basis for getting your strategic product development decisions right.

Proven Methodologies and Processes are essential ingredients for sound product development and for keeping your working products up to date. We help you to pick the right set of methodologies and assist you in establishing solid development processes for improving overall product quality and maintainability, processes that are designed to pass the scrutiny of even the tightest regulatory and product certification audits. We also investigate compliance to standards and regulatory guidelines.

Technical Reviews are a small but powerful means for getting your planning on solid ground, be it for quality issues, for pre-audit wrap-up, or for technical troubleshooting. We provide this service with a high sense of respect for the achievements of your internal development teams, for we know from long experience what it means to develop products under tight constraints. This service also involves reviews of technical documentation, testing and development processes.


Resources should be there; then no longer; then again. Should be numerous; then few; Specialists in exactly this and that; then of an entirely different skillset. Should scale up fast; then scale down again in an instant. Be transparent with respect to the project; but then again fully accessible as single brains.

Our unique resource concept allows you to do exactly that: scale fast, remain flexible, with plenty of oxygen for that sprint, but with as little long-term commitment as possible, and with no tangle of dependency strings after project closure. Try us.
Outsourcing projects or product development is a matter of trust and requires some very mission critical decisions on your side. We help you to collect all the information needed to make the right decisions to start with and stand ready as a partner to organize both the outsourcing of the project and the downstream integration of the product into your internal product lifecycle management. We also offer services for orchestrating the distributed efforts if several outsourcing companies are involved.

Insourcing is scaling down an entire fleet into one manageable unit that fits into your own hangar. We help you to put the right questions first, assist you in answering them and taking the right decisions so that your craft remains ready for another scale-up and take-off anytime.


Systems Architecting is not a one-off thing, but a continuous process during the entire life cycle of your products. If you are developing your very own products and solutions, we will tell you that the role of a system architect is best located as an essential and important internal resource of your company: you may not necessarily need your own development team, but you do need an internal system architect. If you have that role, we are here to assist her. If you haven’t, we will help you to recruit, train and accompany her. If you need an ad-interim or one-off SA solution, we provide you the necessary skillset.

Complexity is an inherent aspect of systems and systems of systems. It cannot be mastered in a deterministic sense, but only understood in its implications with respect to your working product in a changing environment. Techniques and methods can be employed that help to down-scale the unknowns, and safeguards can be implemented for the remaining ones. Awareness of complexity is a critical aspect of effective systems architecting. We assist you in sharpening this awareness, and in taking the right measures and safeguards during all phases of product development.

Requirements Engineering, at its best, is an integrated aspect of sound architecting practices. We help you to define the main stakeholders and their concerns as a necessary step prior to requirements specification. We assist you in keeping requirements, design, implementation and testing traceable throughout the entire product development process, and beyond.


Software. We have a wide array of experience in software and firmware development, from dedicated real-time embedded systems to distributed applications and server-based services. We also have a network of back-office resources we can probe if our own resources are occupied, or if a specific skillset outside our core competencies is required.

Software Documentation is key for a successful product lifecycle management. We come with the respective mindset that makes the difference: from consistent API documentation to source code READMEs, from specifications to maintainer documentation with step-by-step instructions for all maintenance and development scenarios, from document trail to specification and test traceability: by experience, this is important for us. And should be for you. You won’t feel any strings leading back to us once the thing is delivered into your PLM.

Model Driven Development, best embedded in agile methodologies, and driven by a continuous architecting effort, gives you the competitive edge when time-to-market is critical. We assist you to pick the right set of methodologies and toolsets for achieving your goal and help you to put them on track fast.


Systems may consist of many different components of widely distributed and very heterogeneous functionality, but the one thing tying all together is the data that flows through them, leveraging the value of your business.

Data Design is more than just databases. From field data to ERP to cloud and back: data needs to be consistent across distributed systems, must remain extensible at every data node, and highly version aware. We help you to design effective data definitions, hand in hand with your architecting efforts and assist you in putting the necessary automated development, deployment, maintenance and data path machinery in place.

Data Mining and Analysis help you to make sense of your business-related data. We assist you to boost your business analyses by implementing data analysis infrastructures and workflows and help you in getting those just-in-time and up-to-date visualizations and reports ready for your meetings by integrating essential information from different sources, all as fully automated, traceable and reproducible affairs.


Planning Clinical Studies is one thing. Getting the data right across the entire phase is quite another. With experience in the planning and the data management of numerous outpatient and clinical studies, we are there as your partner in studies design, requirements specification, and planning. We help you during those critical steps by providing the following services:

Planning, specification, and evaluation of clinical studies
Designing and specifying clinical datasets, formats, and databases
Data handling, annotation, and consolidation
Algorithm development, filtering, and processing
Data mining and data analysis
Statistical evaluation and visualization – Benchmarking, traceability, validation and reporting
Development of automated and reproducible data related studies workflows

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Chief Executive Officer

Mark ist aus London UK und hat einen B.Eng/M.Eng in Electronic Engineering und einen PhD in Biophysik. Er hat in den vergangenen 15 Jahren in der UK, im Silicon Valley und in der Schweiz interdisziplinäre Teams in Systementwicklung und Forschung geführt.