Upcoming regulations in a number of industries push for traceability of products and product-related data beyond the production and supply chain scenarios, demanding real end-to-end traceability for the entire life cycle of a product. Apart from being a challenge, this also presents several inherent benefits for manufacturers.


The technologies to provide end-to-end product traceability for all stakeholders along a product’s life-cycle are available. The challenge is to integrate these into existing infrastructure and to make the resulting system adaptable to new business opportunities arising from having the full product history. We will help you navigate these challenges to arrive at a scalable system providing multiple benefits along the value chain.


We help you to realize your traceability system with either your in-house team, resource-based or project based as an out-sourced effort. Together with best-in-class partners and providers, we help you design and realize a solution that fits your size and needs, all the way employing proven methodologies and technology


We have developed a technology demonstrator showcasing track & trace for medical devices, and also a Blockchain based solution that also illustrates trusted provenance traceability to illustrate the use case of traceability over the entire product lifecycle. Please contact us for a demo.

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Chief Executive Officer

Mark ist aus London UK und hat einen B.Eng/M.Eng in Electronic Engineering und einen PhD in Biophysik. Er hat in den vergangenen 15 Jahren in der UK, im Silicon Valley und in der Schweiz interdisziplinäre Teams in Systementwicklung und Forschung geführt.