With their technology leap to S4/HANA, SAP Leonardo and a strong focus on a rich cloud based HANA ecosystem, development of up-to-date SAP projects require additional skill-sets compared to traditional ERP solutions. In our service offering for SAP projects, we focus on providing those skills, as well as the know-how how to integrate across platforms, and how to migrate to HANA.


With our SAP consulting service, we help you to analyse the overall business value that you wish to realise, and team up, together with your best internal heads, to find the optimal solution match fitting your requirements. We look at the entire picture, with scalability and integration in mind, and employ proven methodologies.


We help you to realize your new SAP application with either your in-house team, resource based or project based as an out-sourced effort. We find and bring in the best-experienced consultants and engineers with the optimal skill-set in order to speed up the development. We can also help you with testing, training, deployment and life cycling.


The rich SAP Cloud ecosystem makes it possible to evaluate systems by fast prototyping before committing to a full-fledged project. Together with our AT IRP Innovation Resource Pool offering, we can bring you fast visual and functional prototypes illustrating your use case.

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Chief Executive Officer

Mark ist aus London UK und hat einen B.Eng/M.Eng in Electronic Engineering und einen PhD in Biophysik. Er hat in den vergangenen 15 Jahren in der UK, im Silicon Valley und in der Schweiz interdisziplinäre Teams in Systementwicklung und Forschung geführt.