VC’s generally have a good understanding of the finance, business and legal parts, but technical aspects are often insufficiently reviewed with respect to a marketable product. Topics like system implementation, architecture, compliance, scalability and support of the proposed business model are critical in evaluating a commitment, but often remain insufficiently reviewed.


We help to get a deeper look under the hood of the technology that claims to support the business model you are ready to invest in. We do that transparently and under full confidentiality, involving all necessary stakeholders. We understand the time constraints and will not slow you down: we report iteratively, adapting the resolution of the picture to match your needs.


We are ready to take an advisory role for technical questions in a given investment opportunity.We can take the technical perspective in due diligence or evaluation phase meetings, and help you with the evaluation of system value as well as with the realistic estimation of product development goals and paths to industrialization.


Especially in start-ups, a working system does not imply a short path to industry-specific compliance: adopting standards simply cannot be done as an add-on after development. When the opportunity you want to invest in is under the scrutiny of such regulatory requirements, we can evaluate the path to compliance and the cost involved to pass compliance audits or certifications.

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Chief Executive Officer

Mark ist aus London UK und hat einen B.Eng/M.Eng in Electronic Engineering und einen PhD in Biophysik. Er hat in den vergangenen 15 Jahren in der UK, im Silicon Valley und in der Schweiz interdisziplinäre Teams in Systementwicklung und Forschung geführt.