Innovation is not necessarily a question of exceptionally bright heads and cutting edge science: In business, it is one of the roles, of applying time and thought to it. AT’s focus lies in business innovation: how to apply new and existing technologies to create new business and revenue models.

For example, AT conceived the ZETA platform in order to offer our customers a fast but sustainable track to IOT, IIOT and mHealth solutions.
The main feature is a consistent data model through all subsystems, and the ability to configure behavior for a given use case.

The framework offers customizable, platform-independent mobile apps and cloud connectivity to the sensor networks.
In contrast to many off-shelf solutions, the concept of context information that can be added at every step in the data path is a main feature of the overall system design.


Getting bright ideas is not the problem: they are in the air or might come with us, but very probably they are already there, right in your company, ready to pick. The challenge is seeing it through with scrutiny, involving all stakeholders. With our innovation services, we offer to be that catalyst for a reaction ready to happen.

For example, AT guided a customer to design their new production-site traceability system in a way to also meet upcoming regulations in a number of industries that push for traceability of products and product related data beyond the production and supply chain scenarios, demanding a real end-to-end traceability for the entire life cycle of a product.


Spilling out prototypes is easy, doing it properly is an art. In order to have optimal continuity between a successful prototype and a product, many aspects need to be considered, and many stakeholders need to be involved already at the start in order to draw meaningful conclusions from the exercise. We can guide you through that process by employing proven methodologies.

For example, in the medical devices industry, Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) is a growing methodology for providing self-reported patient health status in post-market surveillance (PMS).
AT has developed a real-time demonstrator system for ePRO that is fully configurable, both as a stand-alone system and integrated into AT’s mHealth solution Zeta, helping to get real-time location and patient context data for a given study. The demonstrator helps our customers to refine their requirements for implementing and integrating an ePRO solution of their own PMS.


Together with our partners, we have formed a dedicated IRP, a team of best-in-class engineers that can be augmented with any specific skill set required. Be it for exploring applications for new industries or prototyping in new technologies, our IRP can seriously boost your innovation process.

For example, AT’s IRP has developed a technology demonstrator showcasing Blockchain technology in the medical devices industry, looking at compliance for new EU MDR regulations, in order to illustrate the use case of product history and supply chain traceability. The demonstrator system is fully functional for tracing devices and synchronises the transactions committed to the blockchain with FDA data repositories.

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Chief Innovation Officer

Philipp Keller ist Schweizer und Informatiker. Er ist Gründer von Assistive Technology GmbH und hat in den vergangenen 15 Jahren Softwareprojekte und verteilte Entwicklungsteams in verschiedenen Grössen geführt.