Systems grow ever more complex with technology advances: it is no longer sufficient to focus on a component and get it engineered. The solution will always be in the context of a dynamic environment, and an understanding of this environment and its associated data is a key step in system and software architecting. We bring consulting services for:

• Systems Engineering
• System and Software Architecture
• Model-based design and development
• Standards and Methodologies

Proven Methodologies and Processes are essential ingredients for sound product development and for keeping your working products up to date. We help you to pick the right set of methodologies and assist you in establishing solid development processes for improving overall product quality and maintainability, processes that are designed to pass the scrutiny of even the tightest regulatory and product certification audits.


There is no one-size-fits-it-all in software project management. We know all the methodologies from agile to classic models but also come with the experience of how to bridge the worlds, for example making agile methodologies work in a regulated environment with a classical methodology. We have orchestrated big and small teams, experienced all the development fires, and can take care of your project from beginning to end.

• Project Management
• Sourcing and Recruiting
• DevOps, Deployment and Roll-Out Support
• Post-project In-sourcing and life-cycle support

The definition of a project is not only framed by duration and budget, but by the simple fact that it has a beginning and an end: this end must reside with you, in your company, by means of in-sourcing, knowledge transfer and stringent documentation standards. We take the utmost care, from the very beginning, that this aspect is fulfilled.


Innovation keeps your business at the cutting edge of developments. If your company has no seasoned internal innovation process established yet, your R&D department tends to become saturated with handling current technology and daily issues.

We provide the outside view based on our experience and expertise and bring in new angles to look at your products and markets. We help you to extend your horizon to those 360-degree views that are the true basis for getting your strategic software development decisions right. We excel in listening to your ideas, context, constraints and requirements and offer consulting services from design to prototyping to minimal viable products and beyond.

• Mission and strategy definition
• Market and product evaluation
• Prototyping
• MVP development


We provide a proven set of methodologies that help you to make the right decisions when developing devices, applications or entire interconnected systems. The specific regulatory requirements of your industry remain center stage in all of our consulting services.

We have extensive experience in regulatory requirements in different industries, have been able to derive the common theme of sound engineering practices and apply it in different verticals in a way that does not slow down the development process.

Technical Reviews are a small but powerful means for getting your planning on solid ground, be it for quality issues, for pre-audit wrap-up, or for technical troubleshooting. We provide this service with a high sense of respect for the achievements of your internal development teams, for we know from long experience what it means to develop products under tight constraints. This service also involves reviews of technical documentation, testing and development processes.

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Chief Research Officer

Mark ist aus London UK und hat einen B.Eng/M.Eng in Electronic Engineering und einen PhD in Biophysik. Er hat in den vergangenen 15 Jahren in der UK, im Silicon Valley und in der Schweiz interdisziplinäre Teams in Systementwicklung und Forschung geführt.