Extensive experience in many local and international software projects and the respective scaling in the recruitment of IT professionals has brought us to being a turn-key provider for a range of different IT sourcing services. We can seamlessly adapt these services to your changing needs in a rapidly changing world.

We differentiate ourselves from most IT sourcing providers by combining three quite unique features:
• covering all IT sourcing scenarios for software development: project outsourcing, managed nearshoring, hosted nearshoring, offshoring, and the ability of switching between those as need arises
• the ability to seamlessly extend the sourcing of software developers with the entire range of services required along a product life cycle: from conception, design, development, testing to deployment, integration and support
• the fact that we always find the optimal match out there for your exact requirements, by scaling into a rich and proven partner network, rather than multiplexing a static team of our own: perfect fit, and no strings attached!

In order to achieve this, you find in us a unique offering to pick among, change between, or combine the sourcing models of project outsourcing, managed nearshoring, hosted nearshoring, offshoring from one single turn-key provider.


Outsourcing projects or product development is a matter of trust and requires some very mission-critical decisions on your side. We help you to collect all the information needed to make the right decisions to start with and stand ready as a partner to organize both the outsourcing of the project and the downstream integration of the product into your internal product lifecycle management. We also offer services for orchestrating the distributed efforts if several outsourcing companies are involved.

Insourcing is scaling down an entire fleet into one manageable unit that fits into your own hangar. We help you to put the right questions first, assist you in answering them and taking the right decisions so that your craft remains ready for another scale-up and take-off anytime.


Managed Nearshoring is the ideal recruiting model if you need to scale your software development efforts and still need to remain flexible for a longer project phase.

The aspect of “managed” is the big contrast to either orchestrating free-flying freelancers or several different nearshoring service providers. All our engineers are employed within our diligently evaluated providers, hence there is, apart from the project organisation, always a line organisation that can be escalated into in case issues need to be resolved.

In addition to that, we are there to support you as well as the developers during the entire collaboration, both administratively and technically: this service takes a big load from your shoulders and is being especially appreciated by our customers.

Nearshoring brings with it geographical and cultural proximity, which is an added value if on-site work is required, for face-to-face teamwork, or if issues need to be resolved.


With Hosted Nearshoring, you can get the right professionals for your long term R&D strategy into your own development team: your dedicated office space, your corporate identity, team and mission identification, and an optimal fit for the skills you need, without any interference. No broker between, same prices like with any comparable local near-shoring service provider. No multiplexing of resources, no third-party interests on your mind, complete HR control: your very own team!

Yet we are there for you to take care of all organisational aspects and administrative tasks, including HR. You do not get people who are already there, but we together start with a clean slate, find and employ the best-fit professionals that you really want, to your specs, under your full control, going through your very own HR evaluation.

This model is ideal if you need to scale your team with a long term perspective, need to have full control, but do not want to go through the complexity of setting up an own branch or a spin-off company in a foreign country.

We are able to offer this service in collaboration with our own sister company Greymatters D.O.O. in Slovenia.


For further optimisation of the two aspects cost and scalability in software development, we can offer a range of services for offshoring bigger projects or even part of your R&D activities to India.

Together with our native local network in India and with strong best-in-class engineering partners for software, firmware and hardware development, we can smooth the process and can get you started quickly for:

• project offshoring
• setting up your project teams
• managed offshoring with extended services, or
• hosted offshoring: your own team in a hosted environment
• planning, recruiting & managing your own offshore office in India


In combination, these services are quite unique and bring the following benefits and differentiators as compared to other nearshoring and offshoring service providers:

• Switch between different talent recruiting models as your projects demand, without managing several service providers from different countries
• Retain know-how even when picking different recruitment models
• Quick up-scale, quick down-scale of resources
• Highly specific selection according to your skill-set requirements
• Experienced, evaluated, trained and fire-tested engineers with an academic degree in engineering and work experience
• Embedded in an organisational frame and culture (no juggling of free-flying freelancers)
• High-quality standards for selection and execution
• Scalability and access to further know-how in the extended collaboration network
• On-site presence for training, meetings, testing or deployment activities

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Chief Technology Officer

MSc in Automation and Robotics (TU Dortmund), zertifizierter Scrum Master, ISO13485 interner Auditor. Er ist ein erfahrener Manager von multidisziplinären Projekten und verteilten Teams. Seine Stärken sind Knotenlösen in schwierigen Projekten, die Produktentwicklung zu glätten und beste Vorgehensweisen zu vermitteln.