Success stories come with optimal collaboration between the right people: good soft-skills are important. We excel in sourcing talent and help you to bring the right professional to your software development team, with a rich skill-set way beyond programming software. We provide the know-how that allows you to scale up and down fast, while the added complexity of finding and handling the resources is managed by us.

One size does not fit it all: you have different needs in different projects. We strive to bring the best services in all the different sourcing scenarios, and make switching between them a seamless experience:

• Managed nearshoring
• Hosted nearshoring
• Offshoring
• Recruiting


We put ourselves in your shoes: “No Strings Attached” is our motto when providing software development services. High document standards and the corresponding mindset ensure that all critical knowledge and complete control over a successful internal life cycle management remain in your very own hands.

• Recruiting and outsourcing
• Custom software solutions
• Project-based development

Our unique resource concept allows you to scale fast, remain flexible, with plenty of oxygen for that sprint, but with as little long-term commitment as possible, and with no tangle of dependency strings after project closure. Try us.

While taking care of your project, we will also manage the deliverables from end to end. With our extensive experience of having worked in local business environment as well as with European and Indian engineering teams, we provide a seamless understanding of the varying cultures into a single team, optimally adapted to yours: soft skills are important to us.

Insourcing is scaling down an entire fleet into one manageable unit that fits into your own hangar. We help you to put the right questions first, assist you in answering them and taking the right decisions so that your craft remains ready for another scale-up and take-off anytime.


Requirements Engineering, at its best, is an integrated aspect of sound system and software architecting practices. We help you to define the main stakeholders and their concerns as a necessary step prior to requirements specification. We assist you in keeping requirements, design, implementation and testing traceable throughout the entire software development process, and beyond.

• System Architecture
• Software Architecture
• Requirements Engineering
• Life Cycling and DevOps

Systems Architecting is not a one-off thing, but a continuous process during the entire life cycle of your products. If you are developing your very own products and solutions, we will tell you that the role of a system architect is best located as an essential and important internal resource of your company: you may not necessarily need your own development team, but you do need an internal system architect. If you have that role, we are here to assist her. If you haven’t, we will help you to recruit, train and accompany her. If you need an ad-interim or one-off System Architecture solution, we provide you the necessary skillset.


We support you and your customers along other aspects in the life cycle of your software application, providing solutions apart from software development for topics such as deployment, integration, testing, training, and support. Our good reputation is built not only on our software development services, but also on our dedicated teams solving the difficult operative aspects of a system roll-out, and delivering.

If you wish to improve your overall software delivery and roll-out performance, we look at aspects beyond agile development and advise you how to bring the different departments together and up to speed for quality and delivery. We advise you how to adopt procedures in a compliant way and apply DevOps with a view to the specifics of your very own company culture.

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Chief Technology Officer

MSc in Automation and Robotics (TU Dortmund), zertifizierter Scrum Master, ISO13485 interner Auditor. Er ist ein erfahrener Manager von multidisziplinären Projekten und verteilten Teams. Seine Stärken sind Knotenlösen in schwierigen Projekten, die Produktentwicklung zu glätten und beste Vorgehensweisen zu vermitteln.