January 8, 2018

mHealth: Real-Time Health Data and Context

AT’s offering for Integrating Medical Time-Series with Context Data



The challenge with mHealth time series data is not gathering the data itself from sensors, but doing so in a meaningful and traceable way in order to support useful analysis integrating rich context data. This requires consistent and extensible data models from sensor to monitoring system to cloud repositories for analysis and reporting.


The Solution

AT offers services for developing and integrating mHealth systems to achieve consistency through the entire data path. Often, sensor manufacturers have the domain knowledge on the sensor side, but are faced with having to develop the down-stream aspects from scratch to realise the real-world business model. This is where our mHealth expertise comes in.

Demonstrator System

We conceived the ZETA platform to offer our customers a fast but sustainable track to mHealth solutions. The main feature is a consistent data model through all subsystems, and the ability to configure sensor behaviour for a given use case. The framework offers customisable, platform-independent mobile apps and cloud connectivity to the sensor networks. In contrast to many off-shelf solutions, the concept of context information that can be added at every step in the data path is a main feature of the overall system design.

Integration & Consulting

We at AT understand both the system requirements as well as the real-world challenges of developing and integrating mHealth solutions. We look at the entire picture, with scalability and integration in mind, and employ proven methodologies and tools for system design and architecture.