March 26, 2017


Planning on the future



We conceived the ZETA platform in order to offer our customers a fast but sustainable track to IOT, IIOT and mHealth solutions.

The main feature is a consistent data model through all subsystems, and the ability to configure sensor behaviour for a given use case.

The framework offers customizable, platform-independent mobile apps and cloud connectivity to the sensor networks.

In contrast to many off-shelf solutions, the concept of context information that can be added at every step in the data path is a main feature of the overall system design.


GIS & water monitoring

There is currently a real surge of satellite data that becomes available from many sources, with earth and atmospheric surface scans of increasing frequency. In this huge field of applications that opens with the availability of this satellite data, we are interested in providing a configurable system that is adaptable to many needs and can accommodate and consolidate context data on the fly. A special interest in this field, however, is reserved for applications dedicated to water monitoring.


The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), commonly phrased “Industry 4.0”, is not about digitalisation and ubiquitous sensors, or just about “Big Data” in industry. It is about, above everything else, context in the wealth of information, and that context has to be given and propagated through all the levels of complexity, even from the lowest level of sensors distributed in a production line. This can only happen if there is, in the very design of the customer solution, a consistent system architecture with an extensible data model. We help you to keep the big picture in focus while guiding you to your Industry 4.0 solution.