January 16, 2018


Innovation Resource Pool and Innovation Consulting




Innovation is not necessarily a question of exceptionally bright heads and cutting edge science: In business, it is one of roles, of applying time and thought to it. AT’s focus lies in business innovation: how to apply new and existing technologies to create new business models and revenue.


Consulting: Reactants need a Catalyst

Getting the bright ideas is not the problem: they are in the air or might come with us, but very probably they are already there, right in your company, ready to pick. The challenge is seeing it through with scrutiny, involving all stakeholders. With our innovation services, we offer to be that catalyst for a reaction ready to happen.


Spilling out prototypes is easy, doing it properly is an art. In order to have optimal continuity between a successful prototype and a product, many aspects need to be considered, and many stakeholders need to be involved already at the start in order to draw meaningful conclusions from the exercise. We can guide you through that process by employing proven methodologies.

Innovation Resource Pool (IRP)

Together with our partners we have formed a dedicated IRP, a team of best-in-class engineers that can be augmented with any specific skill set required. Be it for exploring applications  for new industries or prototyping in new technologies, our IRP can seriously boost your innovation process.