January 8, 2018

Engineering Consulting Services

Excellence through quality


Consulting: System Development

Systems grow ever more complex with technology advances: it is no longer sufficient to focus on a component and get it engineered. The solution will always be in the context of a dynamic environment, and an understanding of this environment and its associated data is a key step in system architecting.


Project Management

There is no one-size-fits-it-all in software project management. We know all the methodologies from agile to classic models but also come with the experience of how to bridge the worlds, for example making agile methodologies work in a regulated environment. We have experienced all the development fires, big and small, and can take care of your projects end-to-end.



We provide the outside view based on our experience and expertise and bring in new angles to look at your products and markets We help you to extend your horizon to those 360° views
that are the true basis for getting your strategic product development decisions right.



We provide a proven set of methodologies that help you to make the right decisions when developing devices, applications or entire interconnected systems. The specific regulatory requirements of your industry remain center stage in all our consulting services.