January 8, 2018

Blockchain Development Services

Trust and Traceability



You can recognize the formation of a hype in IT when everybody is rushing to sell a technology while customers look for solutions. We at AT concentrate on providing solutions while helping our customers to navigate Blockchain technology evaluation for solving their challenges. We actively promote the technology only in situations where there is a clear added value compared to traditional solutions, such as trusted product and data traceability in highly regulated environments.

Consulting Services

With our Blockchain consulting service we help you to analyse the overall business value that you wish to realise, and team together with your best internal heads to find the optimal technology match fitting your requirements. We look at the entire picture, with scalability and integration in mind, and employ proven methodologies and tools for system design and architecture

Development Services

We help you to realise your new blockchain infrastructure and application with either your inhouse team, resource based or project based as an outsourced effort. We find & bring in the best engineers with the optimal skill set in order to speed up the development. We can also help you with testing, training, deployment and life cycling.

Supporting Technology Solutions

We have developed a technology demonstrator showcasing Blockchain technology in the medical devices industry, looking at compliance for new EU MDR regulations, to illustrate the use case of product history and supply chain traceability. Please contact us for a demo.