January 8, 2018

Iot and IIoT Development Services

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Morphing from previously being a buzz-word hype to a current set of proven technologies, IoT solutions can now bring real-world added value to stakeholders in a range of industries. However, the challenge to integrate both the technology and the data into existing IT infrastructure remains, especially so in industrial IoT (IIoT).


IoT Consulting Service

AT has a strong background in end-to-end integration of sensor technology and context data, starting from the sensors themselves to on-site or mobile technology integration and to cloud based analytics solutions. We at AT help you navigate technological challenges to arrive at a system providing the benefits you are looking for.

Development Services

We help you to realise your end-to-end IoT/IIoT system with either your in-house team, resource based or project based as an out-sourced effort. Together with best-in-class providers, we help you design and realize a solution that fits your size and needs, whilst employing a set of proven methodologies and technology.

Supporting Technology Solutions

We have developed a visual technology demonstrator that also illustrates localized context data to illustrate the use case of IoT data integration. Please contact us for a demo, and let us know your specific requirements.