January 8, 2018

AT`s Real -Time Survey System

Management Decision Acceleration


The Challenge

In time-critical business decision taking processes (such as for Due Diligences in M&A) vital information has to travel through multiple paths in the distributed organisational hierarchies, passing content diluting filters in the process. This creates a drag on the information gathering process that can be mitigated with a system enabling the top management to extract information fast, in real-time, laterally and directly during a meeting, from any organisational level.


The Solution

AT offers development and integration services for real-time survey systems, helping customers to meet the accelerated pace needed in today’s competitive decision-making process. The dashboard-configurable questionnaire data can be integrated with further context data to meet a range of requirements in visualization and survey result analytics.

Demonstrator System

AT developed a real-time survey demonstrator system that is fully configurable, both as a stand-alone system and integrated into AT’s mobile sensor data solution Zeta, helping to get real-time location and user context data to a given application. The demonstrator helps our customers to refine their requirements for implementing a real-time survey solution.

Integration & Consulting

We at AT understand both the requirements as well as the real-world challenges of integrating a mission critical business software solution into an existing environment. We can provide consultancy right at the start, helping with SOP’s and infrastructure, and we can provide end-to-end services during development and integration of your real-time survey solution.