January 8, 2018

Smart Contracts ( Blockchain )

Trust and Traceability



Trusted transactions based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts bring many benefits. A set procedures that can be mirrored, and constraints and conditions applied in a transparent but also secure manner. Permissions can be fine-tuned to see only portions of the transactions. Be it for legal, audit trails, product acceptance or other use cases, it makes sense to evaluate this technology.

Consulting Services

With our consulting service, we help you to analyze the overall business value that you wish to realize, and team together with your best heads to find the optimal technology match fitting your requirements. With scalability and integration in mind, we employ proven methodologies and tools for Smart Contract system design.

Development Services

We help you to realize your new Smart Contract infrastructure and application with either your in-house team, resource based or project based as an outsourced effort. We find & bring in the best engineers with the optimal skill set in order to speed up the development. We can also help you with testing, training, deployment and life cycling.

Supporting Technology Solutions

In real life, Smart Contracts cannot be realized in empty space: there is a range of systems where Smart Contract based solutions need to integrate into. We are able to guide you through the integration requirements evaluation and can develop the necessary system adapters to make your new Smart Contract application a success.